Activelycreating cultural democracy, equity in education, and academic success through literacy, cultural arts, and research
  • Soy Bilingüe Curriculum

    Socially Oriented Child-Centered Dual Language Early Childhood Education

  • Teaching Umoja

      Umoja: Kiswahili Word Meaning Unity 

  • Grupo Bayano

    Featuring Bomba and Other Caribbean Dance and Music 

Together We Create Cultural Democracy!

CLCD is a non-profit educational and cultural center that actively engages children, families, and teachers in creating cultural democracy, equity in education, and academic success through literacy, cultural arts, and research. CLCD is the home of Grupo Bayano (Seattle-Based Caribbean Music and Dance Group), Los Bayanitos (Children's Caribbean Dance Group), The Soy Bilingüe Adult Dual Language Model for Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher Education, The Soy Bilingüe Seminar (Five-Day Intensive Class on Language, Culture, and Young Children), The Soy Bilingüe Preschool Curriculum, and The Teaching Umoja Participatory Action Research 15-Year Commitment. CLCD collaborates with Skagit Valley College ( and Goddard College [] in supporting teachers working on their CDA, AA, BA, and MA degrees.

CLCD Director & Founder

Sharon Cronin, PhD, MA

Sharon Cronin has over twenty-five years of experience in bilingual and culturally relevant early childhood and elementary education. At Gooddard College, she is the current Program Director for the BA in Education and MA in Education. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bilingual Education with an emphasis in African American Studies from the University of Washington; her Master of Arts Degree in Human Development with a specialization in Bicultural Development from Pacific Oaks College Northwest; and her Doctoral Degree in Curriculum Instruction majoring in Bilingual Education, Multicultural Education, and Literacy, with cognates in Special Education, Caribbean Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology from the University of Washington. At the Center for Linguistic and Cultural Democracy, Dr. Cronin co-leads the Teaching Umoja Participatory Action Research 15-Year Commitment, examining the ethnic identity, bicultural, cross-cultural, and tri-literacy development of children of color, along with a team of 40 co-researchers from across the United States and Port Royal and Moore Town, Jamaica.

She is co-author of Soy Biling_e: Language, Culture, and Young Latino Children. Through the Soy Biling_e Network, Dr. Cronin further develops and promotes the Soy Biling_e Adult Dual Language Model for early childhood and elementary teacher education. She is currently lead faculty for the San Francisco State University CAD (Child and Adolescent Development) Head Start Dual Language Program and faculty with the Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education and Praxis at Goddard College. Sharon is a founding member of Seattle-based Grupo Bayano (African Caribbean Music and Dance).  Dr. Sharon Cronin has over thirty years of experience in the performing arts of the Caribbean. Born into a large Caribbean extended family and recreated community in the Bronx, New York, Sharon was raised with the values of collaboration, cultural expression, community building, and unity. These same values were at the heart of the creation of Grupo Bayano in 1984 among the young Jamaican, Honduran, Coombian, Panamanian, and Puerto Rican women who developed the group. Sharon has danced and developed choreography for both folkloric and modern social dances of the Caribbean. Che Che Cole was one of the first dances she co-choreographed for the group (with Carla Ortiz), which incorporated dance movements from Panamá and other islands. That choreography continues to be used in preschool and elementary schools in the Seattle-area. Some of the other dances include Zing Ping from Dominica, Reggae and Cuadril from Jamaica, Orisha dances (Oya) from Cuba, Salsa and Bomba from Puerto Rico, and Calypso from Trinidad. In 2003, Dr. Cronin, along with her daughter Isolina Campbell-Cronin, won Queen of Carnival and Junior Queen of Carnival, respectively, in Edmonton, Canada with Trinidadian designer, Fitzgerald DeFreitas. Dr. Cronin learned about the history, music, dance, and philosophy of the Caribbean from the guidance and teachings of Milton Rainford, Peter Rainford, Juanita Rivera, Irving Charles, Dr. Antonia Darder, Dr. Kofi Agorsah, Bobi Céspedes, Walter Gordon, Brandy Canty, Román Carrillo, and Angel Reyes. Sharon acknowledges and thanks her grandparents, Percival Rainford and Isolina Suárez Rainford, for planting the seed of building community through cultural expression and the arts.