8th Annual Linguistic and Cultural Democracy Conference

(Formerly Known as the Dual Language Conference)

Monday, July 31, 3:00pm to 9:00pm

The Center for Linguistic and Cultural Democracy, the Linguistic and Cultural Democracy Taskforce, and Goddard College present the 8th Annual Linguistic and Cultural Democracy Conference to be held Monday, July 31, 2017 from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Goddard Education Program Seattle Residency. The location will be the FAME Martin Luther King Community Center Auditorium, 3201 East Republican, Seattle, WA 98112. Formerly known as the Dual Language Conference, conference organizers chose to change the name to better reflect our collective work with children, families, language, culture, and community. The theme for the 8th Annual Linguistic and Cultural Democracy Conference is Triliteracy, Indigenous Languages, & Cultural Recovery through Storytelling. Following the welcome by Theressa Lenear, the Conference will continue with a panel of featured speakers and artists including Mak Fai Washington, Cecilia Espinosa, Susan Lee, Roger Fernandes, Los Hijos de Agüeybaná, ZamZam Muhamed, Wallace Sterling, and Rubén Reyes. Following the panel presentations and the dinner and dialogue, the conference participants will have the chance to engage with others in the Linguistic and Cultural Democracy Village where early childhood educators from dual language as well as linguistically and culturally responsive programs will share a culturally grounded small group activity at their booths. Each booth will feature photographs, examples of children’s work, sample language plans, and other materials featuring their work. In addition, there will be booths with authors (Dani Pérez, Olga Lacayo, Berta Chávez Canas, and Elidia Sangermán) of multilingual children’s books who will also share a small group activity related to their book. After circulating and talking with the teachers at the booths, participants will pick one of the booths for the first session to engage in the small group activity and then a reflective dialogue with others at that booth. For the second session, participants will again have a chance to view and get to know other educators before sitting down for another small group activity and reflective discussion. Clock Hours and STARS Hours are available for this conference. College Credit is available with prior arrangements at an additional cost. Proceeds from this conference go to support ECE teachers pursuing their BA or MA at Goddard College. The cost of the conference is $125. The cost for volunteers is $25.

Conference Schedule:

3:00 Conference Registration and Arrival

3:30 Mak Fai Washington Lion Dance Presentation

3:45 Welcome and Tribute to Ancestors with Theressa Lenear, Cecilia Espinosa, Susan Lee,  & Roger Fernandes followed by Questions and Answers

4:45 Cultural Movement Activity with Los Hijos de Agüeybaná

5:00 ZamZam Muhamed, Wallace Sterling, & Rubén Reyes followed by Questions and Answers

6:00 Dinner and Dialogue with Olga Lacayo and Berta Chávez Canas

7:00 Linguistic and Cultural Democracy Village (Session 1)

8:00 Linguistic and Cultural Democracy Village (Session 2)

9:00 Close of Conference

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About our Presenters:

Cecilia M. Espinosa was born in Ecuador, South America. Before completing her PhD, she was a teacher assistant at a preschool, a bilingual-multiage K-2nd grade classroom teacher, and a director of a K-8 dual language program. She is currently an Associate Professor of Early Childhood/Childhood at Lehman College/CUNY, where she teaches courses on Biliteracy and observation and assessment from a multicultural/multilingual perspective. Cecilia’s work was deeply influenced by her work with The Prospect Center for Education and Research (P Carini). Cecilia is a faculty member of the New York City Writing Project (NYCWP). Her research interests include: biliteracy, the role of the child’s linguistic repertoire as a tool for thinking and learning, the importance of children’s culturally and linguistically relevant literature, teacher learning communities, and collaborative research.

Roger Fernandes is a Native American artist, storyteller, and educator in the field of American Indian education for over 40 years. He is a member of the Lower Elwha S’Klallam tribe and has a master’s degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University. As a storyteller, he shares the wisdom and knowledge held in the traditional myths and legends of tribes across the region. With his degree in systems change he uses storytelling to help people identify and create new models for community transformation, seeing issues in a larger context and finding answers that cannot be articulated solely by words and data.

Zamzam Mohamed is an advocate, an activist, and a trainer in the Early Learning field. She is State approved trainer who delivers cultural responsive training in both Somali and English languages. She is passionate about social justice and always speaks on issues that impact immigrant and refugee families. She works closely with community partners to eliminate inequities racial and ethnic achievement gap that exists for the children and families living in King County. Zam Zam is also Co-founder and Chief Executive Office of Non-profit Organization called Voices Of Tomorrow.

Rubén Reyes “Garifuna activist, Language & History expert” Ruben Reyes is an entrepreneur in Los Angeles, California, born in the city of Tela, Atlantida, Honduras. At the age of 9 his parents relocated to the Garifuna community of El Triunfo de La Cruz. Graduated as public accountant in Instituto Triunfo de la Cruz, in Tela, Honduras. 1982-1984 Migrated to New York. Later relocated to Los Angeles and was president of SONHOCA (Society of Black Honduran in California). Ruben Reyes is the current president of Garifuna Nation, and organization of Garifuna members from Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and the U.S. representing the Garifuna communities. In 1992 became a pupil of Garifuna prominent linguist Dr. Jorge Bernardez and became very fluent in reading and writing in the Garifuna language. He’s been working of a trilingual dictionary since1994. He translated the Guatemalan National anthem into the Garifuna language. Ruben also participated in coordinating and was a keynote speaker in the three-day seminar “El Garifuna de frente al Siglo XXI”, in Trujillo, Honduras. Designed the Garifuna Flag Emblem. He also produced and published the First Garifuna Ancestry Tree, which included over 4500 people from Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and the United States. He is  a Certified trilingual (Garifuna, English and Spanish) interpreter to immigration court in Los Angeles County. In 2012 he published the Garifuna Trilingual: Garifuna, English & Spanish Dictionary.