The Center for Linguistic and Cultural Democracy offers a series of seminars designed for teachers, ECE coaches, parents, artists, and community members interested in supporting children and families in Dual Language, Multilingual, and Culturally Diverse Settings. The seminars use an arts-based active teaching approach from the Soy Bilingüe Adult Dual Language model; they are generally given in two languages (i.e., Spanish and English or Cantonese and English) or in three languages (i.e., Garifuna, Spanish, and English) with interpretation. Each quarter, CLCD offers two or three seminars for the community at our location in the FAME MLK Community Center Portables. Agencies can also make arrangements for CLCD to offer a seminar on site. Each of these seminars are approximately 40 hours (ten weekly sessions, five full days, or weekend offerings). However, agencies can also request an introductory session (1.5 hours), a workshop (3.5 hours), or a one-day session on each of these topics. The seminars are always team-taught and the recommended class size is 30 to 50 participants.

The Five Required CLCD Seminars for the Soy Bilingüe Accreditation

  1. Soy Bilingüe Seminar: Language, Culture, and Young Children
  2. Theater of the Oppressed
  3. Pedagogía: Teaching in Dual Language, Multilingual, and Culturally Diverse Settings
  4. Working with Families
  5. Dual Language Practicum

CLCD Seminars

Adult Dual Language Model

Art, Movement, & Nutrition

Bembé for Obatalá: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Black Starline Experience

Bomba de la Buena: Arts Based Integrated Studies with Children

Bomba de Mayagüez

Bomba: Rhythms, Songs, and Dance

Caribbean Festival Arts

Children’s Literature of the Harlem Renaissance

Composition I: Writing Essays

Composition II: Writing Research Papers

Composition and Academic Writing for Teachers 

Conscientization: Reading the World

Culturally Relevant Anti-Bias Approaches to Education

De Familia a Familia: Popular Education, Latino Families, and Early Literacy

Dual Language Practicum

Environmental Studies

Human Development and Learning

Imagination and Cultural Expression with Young Children

Introduction to Puerto Rican Bomba Traditions 

Indigenous Languages, Trilingualism, and Socialization

Maroons of Jamaica

Math and Science with Children

Math of Caribbean Festival Arts: A Study in Measurement, Ratio, and Scale Starting July 15th Register Now!

Narrative Writing for Teachers

Outdoor Education from A Multicultural Perspective

Participatory Action Research

Pedagogía: Teaching in Dual Language, Multilingual, and Culturally Diverse Settings

Performance Experience for Teachers 

Play, Language, Culture, and Literacy

Science of Organic Gardening for Teachers

Science of Solar Energy for Teachers


Soy Bilingüe for Coaches: Mentoring Dual Language Preschool Teachers

Soy Bilingüe Seminar: Language, Culture, and Young Children

Statistics for Teachers

Taíno Influences of Puerto Rican Bomba

Teaching Umoja

Theatre of the Oppressed  Starting July 27th Register now!

Tribute to Female Orishas

Working with Families in a Diverse Society 

Working with Teatro Foro